If I had to describe my work in a sentence, it would be a documentary photographer who photographs weddings. If you'd like to know more about documentary wedding photography click here.

I have had the privilege to attend a lot of weddings and unless you've been married before, you don't know what you are going to feel. I’ve witnessed couples have their day hijacked by photographers who have turned the day into a fashion shoot.  Fabricated moments altering a day from a spiritual union surrounded by beloved friends and family, to a day where the stressed uncomfortable couples are striking poses and barely have time to be present.  

My goal is to capture your day as honestly and as unobtrusive as possible. Let's be honest, wedding days are not impervious to rain, people falling on their faces, or being late to the ceremony. It's these moments that I am drawn to as a photographer. It is my job to capture your entire day from start to finish and everything in between. I’m documenting the things that you don't even get to see, that you miss in the chaos, that you will cherish forever.